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Although Bu Bu Jing Xin isn’t a documentary, the drama store at least 80% of true facts that happened during the Qing Dynasty era - Emperor Kangxi’s reign & Emperor Yongzheng’s reign. Yess people, my obsession & addiction for this drama led me into doing A LOT of research (I wish I was this committed to school. HA!). So how accurate is the battle for the throne, in BBJX compared to what really happened in history?? 

Emperor Kangxi’s Reign

A little history background on Emperor Kangxi, he took over the throne at the age of 8 (very impressive), 12 days after the death of his father. Because he was still young when he took over the throne, his father appointed four ministers, Sonin, Suksaha, Ebilun, and Oboi, to help him to administrate the country. In a fierce power struggle, Oboi seized absolute power as sole Regent. For a while Kangxi and the Court accepted this arrangement. In 1669 the Emperor arrested Oboi with help from the Grand Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang and began to take control himself. He listed three major issues of concern, being the flood control of the Yellow River, the repairing of the Grand Canal and the revolt of the three feudatories in South China. The Revolt of the Three Feudatories broke out in 1673 and Burni of the Chakhar Mongols also started a rebellion in 1675. The revolt of the three feudatories proved to be hard to defeat. Kangxi crushed the rebellious Mongols within two months and incorporated the Chakhar into the Eight Banners.

He ruled from 1661 - 1772, his reign of 61 years makes him the longest-reigning Emperor of China in history. Emperor Kangxi was also known to be one of the greatest Chinese emperor in history. During his reign, he brought peace & prosperity to ancient China.

Although, in BBJX, they didn’t go into depth of how great Emperor Kangxi was, I’m sure we can all sense that he was a good emperor. In ep.3, of BBJX, Rouxi gave a small overview of Emperor Kangxi, "ascended the throne at eight, captured Oboi, suppressed the revolt of the three feudatories, defeated Galdan  khan." 

Death & Succession 

Here’s when the real historical facts come into play. Following the removal of crowned prince, Emperor Kangxi put 13th Prince on home arrest, 8th Prince was stripped off from all his titles, such as Bei’le, & 14th prince, Yinti, whom many considered to be the most likely candidate to succeed Kangxi, was sent on a military campaign during the political conflict. Does these historical facts sound familiar?? It should because these are the events that happened in BBJX. Pretty accurate. Tong Hua gets an A+ for giving us a good drama/novel & a good look into the Qing Dynasty.

Background of Emperor Yongzheng (4th Prince)

Yinzhen was his birth name, he changed it to Yongzheng after he ascended the throne in Dec 22,1722. Yongzheng was the 4th son (4th Prince) of Emperor Kangxi, he was a tough and hard-working ruler bent on effective government at minimum expense. Like his father, the Kangxi Emperor, Yongzheng used military force to preserve the dynasty’s position. Although his reign was dictatorial (as shown in BBJX), efficient, and powerful, he was able to continued the era of peace & prosperity, like his father. His reign was much shorter than his father (was explained & shown in BBJX), the Kangxi Emperor, and his son, the Qianlong Emperor. The reign of Emperor Yongzhen & his son, Emperor Qianlong, marked the height of the Qing Dynasty’s power. 

The Dispute for the Throne

In 1712 the Kangxi Emperor removed his second son, Yinreng (crowned prince), as successor to the throne and did not designate another one. This led to division in Court, which was split among supporters of Yinzhi (3rd Prince), Yinzhen (4th Prince), Yinsi (8th Prince), and Yinti (14th Prince). 

At the time of the Kangxi Emperor’s death, Yinti (14th Prince), as Border Pacification General-in-chief, was away on the warfront in the northwest, some historians say this was to train the next Emperor in military affairs; others maintain that it was to ensure a peaceful succession for Yinzhen (4th Prince). The official record states that on December 20 1722, the ailing Kangxi Emperor called to his bedside seven of his sons and the General Commandant of the Peking Gendarmerie, Longkodo, who read out the will and declared that Yinzhen succeed him on the imperial throne. Some evidence had suggested that Yinzhen had made contact with Longkodo months before the will was read in preparation for succession by military means. Folklore has is that Yinzhen changed Kangxi’s will by adding strokes and modifying characters. The most famous one said Yinzhen changed fourteen to “to four”. 

As the first official act as Emperor, Yinzhen released his long-time ally, Yinxiang (13th Prince), from prison. Yinzhen’s personal account stated that he was emotionally unstable and deeply saddened over his father’s death, and knew it would be a burden “much too heavy” for himself if he were to succeed the throne. 

The nature of Yongzhen’s succession is deeply clouded, and Yongzheng saw challenges in all his surviving brothers. Yinzhi (1st Prince), the eldest, continued to live under house arrest; Yinreng, the former crown prince, died two years into his brother’s reign. The biggest challenge was to separate Yinsi’s (8th Prince) party (consisting of Yinsi (8th Prince), the ninth and tenth princes and their minions), and isolate Yinti (14th Prince) to reduce their power. Yinsi (8th Prince) was held under close watch by Yongzheng. Yintang (9th Prince) was sent to Qinghai under the pretext of military service, but in reality fell within Yongzheng’s trusted protégé Nian Gengyao’s territory. Yin’e, the tenth prince, was stripped of all his titles in May 1724 and sent north to the Shunyi area. The 14th Prince, Yinti (Yongzheng’s full-brother), was placed under house arrest at the Imperial Tombs under the pretext of guarding their parents’ tombs. Yinsi (8th Prince) wanted to use his position to manipulate Yongzheng into errors, while appearing supportive. 8th Prince & 10th Prince were stripped of their titles, languished in prison, and died in 1727.

So how accurate is BBJX compared to what really happened during the Qing Dynasty? It’s pretty accurate, I’d say. I was hoping that the tragedy between Rouxi & 4th Prince was real too. LOL! Although, let’s say that BBJX was all about the succession for the throne instead of the love tragedy, I wonder if it’ll still have good ratings - it’s just a thought, but I am curious(: However, the battle of the brothers, for the throne, is still very interesting - even if they didn’t include romance in BBJX & it was all about the princes’ battle, I would still watch it(:

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